Best Alternatives Audio Mp3 File Format with Better Sound Quality

You might have heard that news that Mp3 is not the more futuristic format for music. And looking for the better options to Mp3 but one thing I have to tell you that Mp3 is not dead at all. Besides that news, if you’re still looking for a better mp3 alternative then you are not out of options. Sure, Mp3 format shines in the music format, it is the most popular format we regularly use for our music entertainments. Hardly we use other music formats, instead of Mp3, as everywhere we look for a music, we will get mostly in Mp3 format. In case, if you are tired of Mp3 or thinking to try other best alternatives to Mp3 then this article is exclusive to you.

Even if you don’t use others music format than Mp3, there are some good alternatives to Mp3 that you can download. Some of the formats even better to offer high-quality sound. We don’t actually know the difference between these formats. The audio formats like WMA, ACC, OGG are also on the list that is quite awesome audio but we technically don’t know to prefer. So, I am here will be guiding you with the best alternatives to Mp3 file with better sound quality. Check it out if you are thinking to get better alternatives to this popular format.

Best Alternatives to MP3 File Format with Better Sound Quality


This comes first if we talk about the best alternatives to Mp3 file. No one can deny the fact that AAC also gives the same result (sound quality) as Mp3. But there also the fact that Mp3 format has more compatibility than AAC. Despite this, ACC audio quality way better than Mp3 even though it takes less memory size comparing to Mp3 files. This format has been launched after three years Mp3 existence. As this format can handle low-frequency format pretty well, it makes easier to play sample songs in online streaming sites or apps. And because of that, many music streaming hubs already started using this format for online streaming, as it takes less user data network. Even renowned music and video services like Apple Music, YouTube uses ACC format. This is the only format to conquer any audio format if there were no Mp3 format. So, if you are looking for high-quality audio output other than mp3 with less size then ACC should be your first choice.


This format is developed by Microsoft and it is another better option as best alternative of Mp3 file with better sound quality. Despite Windows, it supports on all digital platform and most of the apps, software plays well this format. Unlike mp3 file this also offers a magnificent audio quality, some of the time it can even give better sound output. But one bad about this format is that it can take much amount of drive space. It also can play with a lot lower bitrate, without much compromise of sound quality. Hence, it also popularly used in music streaming, which takes less data network or lesser time to stream. Sometimes the size of this audio format can be multiple times and that’s the biggest cons of this format.

MPEG-H 3d Audio:

The digital marketing services opting to this audio format. And this format is also one of the best alternatives to Mp3 file with great sound quality. This format is technically well known for its 3d effect compatibility, which makes your audio experience futuristic. Though mp3 also has 3d effect compatibility after this format MPEG-H 3d Audio comes on the top list. Also, its audio output also much better to choose it as mp3 file alternative. Because of its less compatibility in devices like Android and iOS platform, this format didn’t gain much popularity. But it is doing quite well in the field of Digital TV Services.


This another good piece of audio format, which can be referred as the best alternative to Mp3 format. Now, if you are looking Mp3 file alternative with less consuming audio files then FLAC should be your first choice. It takes way fewer size of your device memory. So, even if you have a lot of FLAC audio file in your device it would not eat up much amount of memory in your device. Though it takes less memory comparatively but you don’t have compromise with your audio output.


Least format of this list but you cannot ignore the sound quality of this format. This can perform exactly like the mp3 file in terms of audio quality. But the fact it that unlike FLAC, ACC this format also comes with a compressed size. In fact, the sizes of this format are significantly lesser than Mp3. So, in case you add a lot of OGG files in your device then it shouldn’t kill your device memory too much or at least a way lesser than Mp3 files.

Final Word

With the news like “Mp3 is no more or Mp3 format is dead,” people should care about best alternatives of  Mp3 files with better sound quality or with the same quality. But one thing you should know even if you get the same audio quality as Mp3 file, you would not get the same compatibility or availability like Mp3. Hence, this makes mp3 topper in its category but if you thinking to choose for audio format with the same sound quality then above i have listed download some of the good alternative options. Those are good with good sound quality and saving your device space (except WMA). So, try them out now and let me know which on is better according to your as the best alternaties of mp3 file.

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