Best YouTube Alternative Video Site

Streaming online videos is one of the best things which anyone expect. And when we are talking about online videos then how can we miss out YouTube. YouTube is the leading site for online videos which has a huge collection of videos followed by different types of features loaded into it. Millions of people across the globe uses this platform to watch their desired videos. But do you know there are other online video sites too which can help you to stream online videos? These sites works the same as that of YouTube and some of them have more added features as compared to that of YouTube.

Just like YouTube these video sites to have a decent amount of users. So today we will be discussing the top YouTube alternative sites which can give the best of the online videos. So without doing any further delay let’s start the discussion.

Best YouTube Alternative Video Site

Listed below are the best YouTube alternative video site which you should try to get a new fell for your videos.

Daily Motion

After YouTube, this is one of the most used online video site with over 114 million users every month. This site has a huge capability to spread or share your video easily within a moment. The user interface of this site is very advance with all kinds of features loaded into it. All the important options are set in such a position which helps the user get access easily.

All the latest videos can be found on the home page itself. If you want you can even search your desired videos with the help of the search option which is located at the top corner of the home page. Just like YouTube, you can upload your desired videos too. The upload option is located just at the right side of the search option on the home screen. Speaking about the video quality they come with all kinds of video quality which elevates the function ability of this site.


This is another great site to watch online video. Sharing and spreading video with this website is very easy with just a click. The user interface of this site is very unique and looks very beautiful.

The home page of this website is well organized with all the updates and new videos flashing at the home screen. The setup of the home screen is very good with well-organized options. Here in this site, you can upload a video of size 500 MB weekly which is in the free account the duration may be any. To use more you have to pay more like if you pay 9.95$ then you will get access to upload 2GB per week whereas if you pay 199 USD then you will get a limit of 20GB per week.

To upload your desired video you have to go to the home page and check the top of the home page to find the upload option. You can even search your video with the help of help of the search option which is situated at the top right corner of the home page. At the top of the home page, you will get more options like creating a new account login and much more.


Many know this site for uploading of hosting pages but do you know flicker can be also used to upload videos too. Not only uploading videos you can even share those videos easily with just a click. The user interface of this website is clear and simple with a whole lot of features loaded into it. The uploading procedure in this site is very and it is free to use. You can upload your desired size video in this system.

This site too comes with two version the first is the free version where you get a space of 1Tb and the Pro account comes with the unlimited amount of space. Both the accounts are free from ads which is one of the plus points of this account. This site too comes with a great viewer ration which is increasing day by day at an alarming rate. You can also create your own account here which will make your tasks easier as compared to that of other site.


This is the last alternative online Video site for YouTube. The user interface of this site is just awesome and well organized which makes the user upload or watch videos easily. Every month over 5 million new users are connecting and using this site.

The home page of this site comes with all kinds of new and updated videos. The most attractive part of this site is that they come with different types of social networking features which make users use this site extensively. At the home page, everything is categorized which helps the user find their desired video easily. At the left top corner of the home page, you will get the search option which helps the user find their video easily.


This is having the best ever user interface in its category, as you can access to every category very easily. You can easily switch among the categories like latest videos, popular and trending videos easily from the header section.

Also you can select some of the popular categories like (animation, entertainment, how to and much more) from the menu bar. So for streaming your desired videos from the website, you simply need to select the category and then stream your favorite videos on the go. So with this features this is also one of the best YouTube alternatives.


These were some of the best YouTube alternative sites which comes with some of the best features and helps the user to upload or view their desired videos easily. Many people across the globe are using this website now it is your turn.

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